Equality and Diversity

NCFE Level 2 Award & Certificate in

Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

The changing and diverse nature of our communities poses many challenges for individuals, groups and employers throughout the UK. In order to allow the social inclusion of all people in society, there is a need to bring equality, diversity and rights issues into the mainstream so that they are no longer viewed as something only affecting ‘minority’ groups.

This course aims to give learners an introduction to the issues around stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. It will also help them to identify the basic rights that all people should enjoy and the shared values people have, whilst examining the responsibility each person and organisation has in ensuring that barriers to participation in society are removed.

Hallmark has published a set of high-quality student learning resources and assessments to support providers delivering either the Award or Certificate versions of this qualification.

Award: 6 Credits / 60 GLH

Learning Aim Ref: 601/3144/5

Certificate: 18 Credits / 180 GLH

Learning Aim Ref: 601/3145/7


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