Supporting Remote Learning

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, learning providers had to quickly adapt their delivery models, switching from traditional face-to-face delivery to remote delivery.

As one of the country’s leading publishers of distance learning resources, we were ideally placed to help providers with this transition. If you are a college, local authority or ITP and you need support in switching to a more remote or online learning model, please get in touch.

Our learning resources are awarding organisation-endorsed and support the cost-effective delivery of over 30 AEB-funded qualifications. What’s more our portfolio of resources contains some of the most in demand qualifications, such as:

Our wide range of NCFE CACHE accredited courses are perfect for distance learning.

How can we help?

We have a very simple model, one that combines traditional hard copy material and e-learning. Using this hybrid model, means that there’s no need for your staff to learn how to use a third-party learner management system, no complex contracting arrangements and no need to risk buying multiple licences (which you might never fully use). Our model enables you and your delivery team to get up to speed quickly and keeps your upfront costs to a minimum.

We’ll send learners a hard copy resource on your behalf for their chosen qualification.

If you need us to we can send course materials direct to your learners. As a publisher of educational books, you will not be surprised to know that we love textbooks. Although we’re big fans of technology as well (see below), our experience and feedback tells us that, given the choice, learners still prefer to study from, keep and refer back to a hard-copy learning resource.

We’ll provide you with e-assessments for all the qualifications we support with our resources.

Don’t worry we’re not Luddites. We are aware of our responsibility to promote digital skills and we know that lots of learners dislike having to hand write all their coursework. We also realise that providers need a fast and cost-effective way of receiving work from their learners. Therefore, we provide e-assessments to go with all our hard copy resources, enabling learners to complete their course remotely and submit their work to you electronically. Best of both worlds!

We understand that some of our competitors have used the pandemic to heavily promote their ‘fully online’ learning offer.  However, we believe that a high-quality, learner-friendly and visually exciting hard copy resource combined with a straightforward e-assessment enables learners to retain more knowledge and are more likely to remain motivated to complete their qualification.

If you would like to discuss the practicalities of our offer, drop us a line today at

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